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Below are the list of food items that are entitled 1 FOR 1:
1) Baby Back Rib
2) Steak & Fries
3) Crispy Skin Salmon
4) Macadamia Crust seabass
5) Salmon Teriyaki
6) Chicken Tikka in Butter Gravy
7) Butter Panner Masala Set
8) Smoked Duck Carbonara
9) Prawn & Asparagus
10) Spaghetti bolognese
11) Brocoli Risotto
12) Mushroom Ravioli
13) Crab Meat Pasta
14) Mac N Cheese
15) Wagyu's Burger
16) Herbed Roasted Grilled Chicken
17) Fish N Chips
18) Chicken Quesadilla
19) Lamb Shank
20) Parma Ham Pizza
21) Smoked Salmon Pizza
22) Drunken Pizza
23) Pepperoni Pizza
24) Margherita Pizza

Redemption Instructions

Simply flash your voucher code to get 1-FOR-1 deals with no deduction in your ValueUp account !

Condition of Use

1) 1-FOR-1 are only valid to ValueUp member. (Any purchase of ValueUp's vouchers, will be deemed as ValueUp's member, simply present an active voucher code to enjoy discount)
2) Only valid in between 11.30am to 3.30pm.
3) Could not use in conjunction with any set meals, promotions or discounts.

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