ValueUp.sg is the first core dollars off platform whereby users get to have repeated dollars discount in a single bill. It integrates on a universal concept whereby its cash vouchers could be use on any of it's listing merchants, as well as, allowing users to choose any items/services/foods that the merchants offer without any decrease in its quality. 

It caters to the niche whom desire cash discounts, allowing them to choose almost anything from the menu /price list with a low achievable minimum spent. ValueUp is the only platform that able to give at least 61% to 80% off in its cash vouchers and enabling users to earn big bucks from every referral. Users get to use when as where they like without worrying on vouchers' expiry since it has no expiry attached to it.


  1. Simply click on any ‘buy now’ button, and enjoy our heavily discounted cash vouchers. The cash vouchers will be credit inside your ValueUp account, and you could use it on ANY of our listed merchants
  2. Explore any of the listed merchants at our site you wish to enjoy. ( You may choose to redeem your cash vouchers with multiple merchants in a single day )
  3. Upon arrival at your selected merchants’ outlet, enjoy merchant in store menu / services provided at its outlet.
  4. Upon payment, login to your ValueUp’s account, click on ‘purchase history’ and present the voucher code via on phone to enjoy multiple dollars discounts for every min. spent (stated in each merchants profile page) Example: merchant set min spent at $25, and total bill is $75, your accumulate total discount would be $30 off and would only pay $45 at the merchant outlet. Your credit account would then have a balance of $70 and could further use on any other/same merchant at any date or time.

*Cash vouchers could be used on any of the merchants’ pricelist, unless certain items are not valid for use which will be stated in ‘condition of use’ under merchant profile page*

ValueUp is design to remove any possible restrictions that may be posed by other platform. Allowing users to have the same in-store experience, without hurting on merchant’s service quality provided to our users. Hence, there may be certain low-margin items that may be restricted and would be stated clearly at merchant profile page.
Yes, all Menu that is shown at each respective merchants profile are exactly the same as merchants in-store pricelist. Unless there is an unforeseen change in menu, the Menu displays a good guide.
Given that some merchants, mostly retail outlets have enormous products that are selling, it is hence impossible to list down all products offering.
This should never happen. In the unlikely event, please inform us via phone or email and we will try to resolve the situation for you right away. Alternatively, you may call to check with the merchants first in ensuring that you won’t bump into any of this unlikely event. We are greatly concern with your experience with us and we aim to do our best to eliminate any possible bad encounter.
Yes. Users could repeatedly get dollars discounts for every min spent met in a single receipt, whenever there is credit balance in their account.
No. There is no minimum pax requirement, every dollars off discount could be used once the min spent is met.
No. unless stated otherwise inside merchants profile page.
No. The voucher is design to be universal, and users could use on ANY of its participating merchants.
There is no limit to the number of times in its usage, provided there is amount balance in your account.
Nope. The vouchers could be used on multiple merchants in a single day, depending on the amount of balance credit left in your account.
It will only be deducted, when you had redeemed the discounts at merchants’ outlet and it does not expiry. It is the first cash voucher that does not entitled an expiry date.
Simply log in to your account which would display your credit balance.
Simply click on any ‘buy now’ button and choose any of the options, and you will be given a new voucher code in your account.
Once making your first purchase, you will become a member of ValueUp. As a member, you could earn ValueUp’s cash voucher EVERYTIME for every first successful referral. A unique link will be provided to you in inviting your friends, and every time when your friend make a purchase using this link, both of you will earn the stated amount in both of your account! What’s not to love?

Simply log in to your account and click on Referral history.

Nope, but it’s always a good idea to keep the email notification in case of any dispute.

Simply log in to your ValueUp account, click ‘purchase history’ and present them your voucher code. It is that simple!
This would never happen, as our system had been program in countering on this issue.
Nope. So make sure you instantly visit any ValueUp merchants you like before it is gone. Nevertheless, there will be constantly growing of new merchants listed for our users to explore and enjoy!
Definitely! Our vision is to capture the largest pool of merchants for users to enjoy!
ValueUp voucher is non refundable.
Simply click on ‘Buy as a gift for a friend’ button and enter the details of your friend that you wish to give, he/she would then receive our email to register, and your friend could now use every dollars discount on any of our listed merchants with no expiry date attach to it! What’s more to give?
Nope, all ValueUp vouchers are valid for walk in usage. But it is always a good practice to enquire for reservation in case the merchants’ outlet / schedule get pack.
It works exactly as the normal conventional method. Your reservation can be cancelled 1 hour before your actual reservation time.
If an existing promotion happens to be more attractive than ValueUp discount, you can choose to avail of the promotion and preserve for other use (since it has no expiry and could be use on any listed merchants)

Privacy and Safety

No. Each cash voucher code is strictly entitled for the use of 1 user and could only be redeem by the owner of account. However, you are welcome to buy as a gift for your friends since each respective voucher code is register under 1 user name. This is to protect our users account credit from been misused. Hence, the user needs to be present for each redemption.
No. Purpose was to enable high level of security for our user accounts from misused. Vouchers could hence only be redeem when users presented their voucher code via logging in to their account.
Yes, definitely. Each voucher code contain credits amount and is equivalent to cash. It is important that users keep it confidential as ValueUp is not liable for any misused on user wrongdoing. Even though our system had implemented high level of security to prevent any misused. Users should not take it for granted and shared their account information to the public or friends.
Our site integrates with paypal as our payment gateway which is very safe and reputable.
We will have no record on your credit card information and it will not be stored in our site.